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Speciality Tapes Industry

PVC Wire Harness Tapes

PVC Wire Harness Tapes are a group of wires that are used for transmitting signals or electrical power. PVC Wire Harness Tapes are also known as cable assembly, wiring loom, wiring assembly and wire harness. All the wires are attached together using cable ties, cable lacing, straps, conduit, a weave of extruded string, electrical STICOLTM PVC tapes, etc., to make the PVC Wire Harness Tapes. The prominent features that make these PVC Wire Harness Tapes best for use in automobiles, electronics appliances, aircrafts and electrically insulated cables are their exceptional electrical insulation and flame retardant nature.


  • Electrical insulation property
  • Flame retardant (FR)
  • ROHS grade

Used In

  • Automobiles
  • Electronics appliances (white goods manufactures)
  • Aircrafts
  • Electrically insulated cables